Room Correction, Acoustic Treatment, Positioning, etc. What are my options

Hi all,
Finally got around to running REW in my newly setup dedicated 2 channel room. The room itself is 14x17 with vaulted ceilings, but opens into a 10x10 room, so it feels closer to a 24x17 room with high ceilings. I've got the following setup:
MBP > [wireless] > Mytek Manhattan II (via AQ ethernet) > [AQ Water XL] > McIntosh C47 > [AQ Water] > McIntosh MC452 > [AQ Oak] > B&W 802 D3. All connected to an AQ Niagara 1000 with AQ Thunder PCs.

My issue is mainly lack of bass, and it getting a little boomy at times. I've had to turn the EQ on the C47 for bass up +4dB to even be close to ok. Here is my REW:

I already contacted GIK, but I don't want to go overboard on acoustic treatments. Should I be considering something like the McIntosh MEN220 or some other room correction or EQ? Are any of them out there good enough to not degrade the overall sound quality of the system? Thanks!
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I would sell the B&W's and get a pair of Vandy Quatro's or 5a's.
Then you will be able to correct for room issues.
Finding the best seat in the room (which gives the smoothest bass) is step one - working with the room rather than against it.  Indeed, it is the Anchor Point for all else that follows.
Room treatment & changing speakers may help, but they will never come close to working with your room's resonances.  All rooms have them, no matter what the price.
@mayoradamwest:  You must have been looking at a diffuser/absorber combo. Yes-too rich for my budget, but u can make some. I was more intrigued by what he had to say about room acoustics. I have compared his advice to others and most are in line with the other. There are a few companies introducing carbon absorption as he has. 
Hi mayor:.
1) The shape of the graph makes me wonder if you are using a calibrated mic. You should double check the the calibration factors are input correctly.
2) I would think your biggest problem is the null at 600hz. Eq cannot fix a dip. Google SBIR calculation and check to see if the null correlates to speaker placement.
3) Matt at AV Nirvana is an expert on reading REW graphs. Occasionally the REW developer (JM) weighs in as well. You could solicit advice there.
4) I think most people go at this slowly checking the effect of incremental rm treatment instead of the Big Bang approach. Good luck. I personally enjoyed the journey.