Room Correction Required

I have to part with my Supernait 3. I have enjoyed it as much as possible in a room where I have a 7bB at 80hz hole at my listening position. It starts at about 125hz, bottoms out at 80hz, comes back up around 60hz before dropping into a black hole at 50hz. On top of that I have a serious peak (12dB) at 40-30hz. It makes for an odd musical experience. Obviously this is not the fault of the Naim. My previous unit did the same thing but I was wishing that the Naim would power through it. I also replaced my speakers in the same vain hope. Wishing vs. science..... oops. When I get out of the null zone the tonality is great but I can't be seated that far out of the space without looking really dumb or antisocial. Also the sound stage is wrecked when I get out there.

I have lived in this home for a year and a half. The issue was worse before I pivoted the room arrangement 90 degrees. My partner is an artist and designer, so I have blown all my rearranging capitol for the next 10 years (her words not mine). We looked at adding room treatments and perused the currently available options which look like church or hospital decor; SO NOT HAPPENING (her words again but I have to agree- yuck).

As a result, I need an integrated with room correction. Yes, I'm sticking with an integrated because I want a minimal gear set.

-TT via Gold Note PH-10/PSU10, outputs either balanced or single end.
-Prefer built in streaming to lose another couple boxes but it's not a deal killer. Current DAC outputs balanced or single end.
-Powering MA Silver 500 7G, not looking to change these.
-Single Revel B112v2 Subwoofer (not currently in use as the 500's are already peaking in the same range)
-TV, currently input optical to the DAC.

The top contenders are:
Anthem STR (no streaming)
Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 (the 3400 is not budget friendly).
Yamaha RN-2000a

So if anyone has experience with these units I'd like to hear about it. Also, I know it's going to happen and god bless you all; someone is going to tell to reposition my speakers (been done), stuff the ports (been done) get room treatments (ummmmmm nope?) and buy Luxman, Sudgen or something else because of __________ (fill in the blank). That's fine and I appreciate the advise but I don't see any of that happening in this room anytime soon under the current design driven regimen I live under.

Thank you all for taking a look!


I'm kind of wondering if the nulls you are experiencing are due to height. Do you still get the same results if the microphone is say 6" or 1' above or below but at the same listening position?

Personally I think the Trinnov Optimizer is the absolute best option out there, and they make a 2-channel Amethyst that has analog and digital for both input and output and fits your other criteria. It does support Roon. Dirac Live is also great and can be inserted in between your chain, but maybe won't be as good an option with your turntable in the mix.

Thanks for the info is your Lyngdorf opinion based on experience?

I got to hear TacT gear, which I think was Lyngdorf’s initial foray into audio/room correction, in both a home system and at a show and in both instances the performance was amazing.  I have to think the newer Lyngdorf gear is an improvement on that older tech.

I have the STR. Couldn't be more happier with it.

The STR is first on my list for many reasons. I think ARC is a mature and tested system that allows curve modification. I think Anthem is a good company. I really don’t need a sub with the MA Silver 500 7g but if I wanted to put it in mix ARC allows a greater degree of bass management than the M33. The issue with the Lyngdorf is the low power output and the fact that I’m moving from the Naim Supernait 3- I’m concerned that the 1120 is a step backward in sound quality. Other than the issues with my room the Supernait sounds fantastic, better than had hoped. It drives my speakers with ease and great control. I’m spoiled in that regard.