Room Correction - Roon + REW (Room EQ Wizard)


Does any of you Ladies or Gentlemen have any experience with the digital room correction using Roon and REW in combination?

I am mainly interested in hearing about result, e.g. worth was it the effort or have your refereed back to original setup?


Absolutely have to say that Roon and REW are a game changer for me in my family room. I’d love to be able to treat my room properly, but because my system is in a main living space, physical treatment options are limited. Using REW to generate a convolution .wav file to reduce a few nasty bass peaks (btw, never use it to boost any frequency ramge), along with a nasty 3k to 4KHz peak, has made my system tremendously enjoyable and addictive! I can’t see moving away from this setup!
Hi 1markr,

I'm in the same situation, main system in our living room, some room treatment (absorbers) at the far end (and a Xmas tree now :).

Actually quite satisfied but always wonder about how to maximize potential under given circumstances.

Thanks for your response.

I have run a convolution with REW and used it, but it is subtle and I really don’t use it. I suspect my room needs treatments that EQ alone won’t fix
I implemented Roon convolution filters developed from REW; sounds fantastic.  Most cost effective room correction you can do.
I've given REW 2 tries so far. The first time was pretty bad because I had no idea what I was doing. The second time was much better - it's a complex piece of software and there are lots of things you can play with. Something still seemed "off" the second time, but it did show that is has a lot of potential.

I have some bad room modes here, so I still prefer to not use it, because I currently, have some acoustic treatment on the way that should help tame some of the room problems - it's a room with sharp corners, hard surfaces (one wall is mostly glass), and high ceilings. Once that's in place, I'm going to give REW another run and am very optimistic of the results.

Long term, I'm probably going to upgrade my DAC. The one that I'm looking at has DSP capabilities and can run Dirac Live. Will likely A-B that against my REW convolution filters just for fun to see who did a better job.