Room EQ Wizard, Audio Output

I downloaded Room EQ wizard (REW), bought a microphone and set everything up. So far so good and was able to run some sweeps. I would like to run the speaker output through my regular speakers. I can only get output from the laptop, which is not a very good test. How can I connect room EQ wizard on my Mac laptop to my system. If it matters, I stream using Roon and Qobuz. Thanks for any assistance you can provide. I’m stuck.




I just saw that you are using Roon.  If you have test files, you can copy them over to your Roon library and treat them like any other ripped tracks.  This is what I do, which lets me apply Room's DSP/EQ and measure the results.

Thanks Erik and Neko,

Seems like an A/V receiver would do the trick - then I could hook up my speakers to it.  I think it all has to start from room EQ Wizard, can't initiate from Roon.  I'll see if I can scrounge up a receiver.

I'm finding this project to be a tad frustrating.  How do I measure my room, interpret those results, figure out which products I need and where, and then remeasure, etc.?  Do I hire a a consultant?  Do I do it all myself?

Whole lot easier to buy some fancy cables or box that supposed to scrub my electricity (though I believe they wouldn't have nearly as much impact as improving my room).

I've gotten good results using a 3.5mm to RCA cable from amazon plugged directly into my preamp. I've also gotten good results using Airplay from the laptop to my DAC. If your DAC doesn't have such connectivity, try bluetooth as well, and if that fails, definitely try playing the file through Roon. You need to create a file first in REW, add it to Roon, then in the measure tab, select Playback > From File, so REW knows what it's measuring.

REW has a steep learning curve which requires a lot of time/effort, trial/error, but it's worth it. Look into creating Convolution filters which work seamlessly in Roon.

I just bought a USB C2 RJ-45 ethernet adapter which should work for my Meitner dac