room setup suggesion needed

Hi everyone,


The question is for gurus of room setup.

Question is if anyone can suggest improvement of the situation where there is not much room for adjustment.

So there you go: 

1) Room conditions

room size 30ft x 30ft

audio wall with the location near centerline

rehearsing distance from the wall 9ft

sound focal point with speakers directed 8ft sound cross path directly at rehearsal point  ( not much room to adjust focal point could be pushed back max 3ft, not too happy about that idea)

speakers spread at 10ft center to center ( could be spread possibly to max 12ft with given wires)

speaker face 2ft off the wall less than 1ft space behind ( could be moved forward and tilted)

wall treatments floor dampening as well, floor standing speakers on spikes.


speakers JBL 4367

speaker wires FURTECH Douglas 7ft be-wire Rhodium spades 

Amp Pass Labs X250.8

Pre amp Pass Labs XP-12

Phono Pass Labs XP-15

Turntable VPI Classic 1 JMW 10.5  Hana ML

Server Mac mini  

DAC Schiid Modius balanced out

inter connector cable Canari XLR 

system fully balanced 

power cables FURTEH 



Honestly system sounds really good, but better is enemy of good so is there anything I can do better or is there anything that I'm doing wrong ?


Thanks for opinions!




@erik_squires Not my EQ Erik. Retail is now $15,000. Eq will not smooth out the nodes. It will flatten the frequency response at any given location in the room at the expense of a lot of power. Can you tell me what an 8 foot tall bass trap is going to do with a 32 foot wavelength? 

Low frequency sound waves are extremely powerful. 20 Hz at a very reasonable 80 dB will cause your entire house including the garage to buzz and rattle. Try trapping that. 

@mijostyn you are very correct 80 db at 25Hz from generator at my place is definitely loosing screws and retracting nails from lumber.

Again you are right, if anything than low headroom is my biggest challenge of them all. I do believe I have power and speakers to amplified that room with no problems, however finding perfect rehearsing position its becoming an issue.

I’m leaning to your opinion related to 8ft ceiling.

Square rooms are tougher, acoustically. Consider the possibility of working a corner as the "center" of a stereo pair (as well as moving the speakers out from the "front" wall). Because you’ve referred to "rehearsal" space several times, I’m assuming you are playing instruments in the room with or without the hi-fi accompanying.

Jim Smith’s book isn’t a bad place to start. Measurements are good but only as a starting point.

I’ve had the same core components for a while, moved across the country, different room, different layout. Huge difference in sound (the current room sounds better than the old one).

I don’t use a ton of acoustic treatment, mainly bass traps. Sonics are good, not only at the "sweet spot" but in seating pretty close to the back wall (which is filled with LPs).

I’m no guru, just a longtime hobbyist.

PS: I DSP'd my subwoofers, which do not run through the same circuit as my main loudspeakers (horn type, which solves some issues and creates other issues). 

@grislybutter budget has nothing to do with the acoustics, its simple rules of proportions. Either you have it or not. How much you paid for it or how old it is, is irrelevant.

It is very simple, every concert hall has specific size shape and proportions, stage to audience, for instance full set philharmonic orchestras can fill room in ratio 3/1 where 3 is audience and 1 is orchestra. Now if you take quartet or duo they can do ratio 20/1 but in order to keep those proportions the adjusting size of the rehearsal room. 

@mijostyn - I decline to play with you anymore. I’ve shared my beliefs based on measurements and hands on experience, which I believe is all backed up by research which you are best left to your own devices to find.