Room size suitable for which Wilsons?

My room size is 12.5' X 26' X 10' height, with the speakers on the short wall.

I've a pair of Watt/Puppy 8s on order, but was offered a great deal on MAXX2s.

Will the MAXX2s overload/kill my room acoustics? According to Cardas' ratio, I have to place the W/Ps 3.5 ft from the side wall, leaving only about 5.5ft from speaker to speaker.

I've written to Jfrech, and he's kindly advised that the MAXX2s won't be a problem, whilst another dealer said that its '100%' MAXX2s won't work. Jim Smith of Get Better Sound thinks it might be a little tight too.

Comments/advice greatly appreciated!
Hi, not sure I said they won't be a problem, more they will work but placement is critical (preferably by a wilson dealer). Also the Stereophile review with Michael Fremmer has the Maxx 2's in a small room for another opinion...
FWIW my room is close to yours 14 1/2 W, 22 into kitchen= +3 = 25 L, 10 H. I have Sophias 1's and think WP 8's might be to much for this space, I think they would probably work but more ?!!!!!
The MAXX's will work in that size room, you may need to add some bass traps depending on position and bass loading in the room.

The best course of action would be to install the speakers and then have an acoustician sweep the room and then use placement and bass traps to ameliorate any problems which will occur.

In most rooms the major problem is bass loading problems rather than overt problems with the higher frequencies.

The Maxx2 are better than the WP 8 however, there are other speakers even in the price of a used pair of Maxx that you may prefer.
Maxx will work in that room, I have seen them reviewed and noted they worked great in much smaller rooms than yours, also I disagree big time the Watts would be too big for that room too.
WP 8's not to big, just a tremendous amount of bass for that space. I didn't state what I meant well, sorry.