Room Treaments - Where To Begin...

Hi All: I have read countless comments that the best thing you can do to improve the listening experience is to acoustically treat the room. But where does one gain the expertise to do so? There are so many products/options out there. I have no clue where to begin (or if I even need to do it)... Thanks!


Audiotools is a good start, you can run the RT60 test w a handclap but a popped ballon is better.  Audiotools runs on iphone or ipad. I would not trust the iphone microphone below 120 hz. Audio Control ( Lynnwood, WA make a decent affordable calibrated microphone that can be trusted ). Of course you can get there….eventually..just by listening….you can also wander in the desert randomly looking for water…

Jim Smith’s book - Get Better Sound may also be of use. 

Acoustics is part science, part art and some luck….but my mentors put together great rooms you can hear…in the reference recordings they help create….

Best to you


on the issue of spikes vs springs…or ?….. probably best to get a reputable product ( there are many  ) from a vendor that allows returns and listen, tweak and decide for yourself.

I would start w your Spendor dealer. I know a really good one with a great ear, exacting standards and impeccable ethics…not prone to hyperbole but an innovator in his own right…let me know if you need his firm name.


no, this is your insinuation, the OP was asking about room treatment not room acoustic, so soundproofing is under the topic and first thing to start with. 



  There may be a splitting of hairs here. Let's ask the OP to be more exact about the question or provide more information pertaining to his situation.

 I do see the relevance of your response, as some do want to 'insulate' their listening experience from nearby neighbors.