Room Treatment suppliers

I know about GIK and ATS. I stumbled across another supplier on here that had some really well done art panel and diffusers but can't remember who it was.  What are some of the other supplier besides aforementioned?


@8th-note I looked at that video back when I was looking to do DIY acoustic panels. Dismissed his idea of going to thrift stores for used towels. On a cost analysis, I found going to your local insulation distributor and getting a case(12, 4’~8’)703, Owens Corning, rigid fiberglass panels, Along with some colored burlap from Joannes fabric, And some fir strips for framing. Was going to be less expensive than running around town. Looking for used towels. I don’t know if it’s me, but it’s kind of creepy. Thinking about somebody else’s used towels on my walls. 

I used Vicaoustics and am very pleased with the results.  OP, if you're interested, DM me and I'll send some pics.  Good luck and cheers.

@gkelly That's a good idea and would be easier than securing the towels in the frame as the video shows. In my case we have a bunch of old towels that I was going to use so I wouldn't even have to go to a thrift store but the 703 material is quite convenient.

I recently got a pair of Acoustic Sciences Corp TubeTraps. Nice thing about them is that they have one half of the trap that is absorbative and the other half is has a diffractive surface so they can be tuned to clean up the bass while preserving some liveliness in the room. I have used RealTraps and TubeTraps and both do a nice job but I prefer the ASC TubeTraps, although they are more expensive. I am actually using both with TubeTraps in front corners and RealTraps in rear, but hope to switch them to TubeTraps eventually. Also my wife prefers the looks of the TubeTraps. I do have an attic with a bunch of RealTraps that I will need to do figure out what to do with some day. 

I have Seven Audio treatments (from Poland).  Excellent quality and workmanship.  Also, less expensive than GIK and Vicoustic.

I imported a whole pallet of treatments for my room.  I also have my old trusty ASC tube traps.

Do yourself a favor and consider Seven Audio.  I was concerned about importation to Florida and it was painless.  Delivered straight to my garage.

Lukasz is a craftsman.  He calculated the needs for my room and his suggestions were similar to Vicoustic.  GIK suggested 4 times more bass traps.