Roon - 10 Things You Don't Know

I have been using Roon for several years and have a lifetime subscription.

When I meet fellow Audiophiles, I often ask whether they have tried various features in Roon. To my surprise, most have never used all the splendid features included with Roon. I am not sure why this is the case but it may be related to “discoverability” but there could be other factors.

For a while now I have been contemplating making a YouTube video that reveals some of these features that many seem to miss.

With today’s announcement about the next version of Roon, I am just in time with my video. Undoubtedly, I will have to follow up with another video once version 1.8 is releasd.

My video is my contribution to the Roon community. I am sure many of the experts here will know most of the things I talk about, but you may pick up a tip or two.
Nice work Chris,  I'm a regular Roon user but still found new info and ideas.  
One thing I've experimented with is the DSP for hearing loss.  I have significant loss above 3K but still love my music.  I have tried the best hearing aides and usually prefer listening without them.  I created a DSP curve to correct for my loss as measured in hearing tests.  I found that I can only correct for a small portion of the loss without it becoming annoying but just a 5db boost can make a satisfying improvement.  Roon mad it easy to experiment with. 

Chris this is Evan from the DC Hi-Fi Group.  Enjoyed your Youtube and learned some things I didn't know about Roon!

Roon is for people who have no knowledge of the history of music at all. And can’t google either.