Roon and Streaming Services

A probably basis question about Roon.

I currently use Roon with Tidal but am thinking of switching to Qobuz.

When I activate Qobuz will Roon keep all of my albums, artists and tags etc intact?  In other words, are those items stored in the Roon memory rather than the Tidal memory?

And if one were to have both services ( not sure why one would ) how does Roon determine which one to use for a given selection ?

Once again, pardon my digital lack of know how and thanks for the help.


I just switched from Tidal to Quboz and used Soundiiz to transfer my library and playlists.  Worked great and easy to do.  I think Quboz offers it for free but It was easier to just buy 1 month to get the  full transfer service.  I cancelled Soundiiz when transfer completed.  .

You can choose the source at album level by selecting version. I went from Qobuz to Tidal. The Qobuz version was still showing but couldn’t play. 

There is a setting where you can tell Roon your streaming service preference. It also says that "Roon will always feature the highest quality content from your library." 

It's under "Settings" - "General" - "Streaming Content Preferences". 

I just added Tidal's HiFi tier and am currently using that and Qobuz in Roon.  I haven't done any side-by-side listening so I can't really say that one sounds better but my "gut" thinks Qobuz does.  But it's not a fair test as I have hi-res audio in Qobuz and just CD quality audio in Tidal.

When I do Roon radio, it mixes between the two services (and local music), and I don't really notice any obvious changes in sound quality.  I mean some stuff sounds different but that's because, in that context, it's different songs, different recordings.  

FYI, I got Tidal because Tidal is built into the Tesla infotainment system.

Hi OP, 

just my two cents. Tidal has more albums and individual tracks than Qobuz. But, Qobuz almost always sounds better when you compare them side by side. I was a long time Tidal subscriber and also subscribed to Qobuz when it came to Canada 🇨🇦 this year. 
i thought I could get rid of Tidal but it has too many unique recordings that I value. 
So I set Roon to prefer Qobuz and that works well. 
However when Tidal Hi Res tracks start to show up on Roon, Tidal might sound amazing. 

I have been back and forth subscribing to either Qobuz or Tidal. Now, I have current subscriptions to both and have their libraries aggregated in Roon. Like others here have said, both services largely have overlapping libraries, but I believe it's worth having both services for the larger library. 

I have Qobuz set has the preferred streaming service in Roon. But, Tidal does have a larger library. I use Soundiiz to auto-sync my favorite 50 Spotify playlists to Tidal. Those saved playlists show up in the playlists section in Roon. It's involved, but this is my system to get Spotify levels of curation but with higher quality files.

When I've tried syncing Spotify playlists to both Tidal and Qobuz, Tidal might have 98-99% of the songs in the playlist while Qobuz would often only have 80-95% of songs, depending on the genre of the playlist. I bet some of this loss is due to Soundiiz's inability to index music from all of these services, but much of the loss is because the music isn't present on Qobuz. Either way, I want the easy button. Although Spotify is miles ahead in its content mapping, crunching data from the listing habits of much of the world's population, I've found that after favoriting over 1000 songs in Roon that Roon's song suggestions have improved for me.