Roon Aquisition: Will This Help Or Hamper?


I just saw this. It felt inevitable that a bigger fish would swoop them up. I just hope my lifetime membership remains such.

My guess is that they'll continue honoring the lifetime membership as respects what it currently does, BUT come up with new features that you'll have to pay for separately if you want access to them.  Just a thought....

Over in the Roon forum Danny Dulai (founder) stated the following in the second post, which can be found here:

We expected to fight hard for the existing lifetimers, but Harman was awesome and didn’t even consider not continuing to support them!

Things can always change with acquisitions - time will tell I guess. I could see lifetime subscriptions to purchase (new) coming to an end at the very least. I could also see devices needing their own one-time purchases of Roon activation for devices - like DIRAC - for both lifetimers and monthly users/payers.

Regardless, and like many others here, hoping the current lifetime subscriptions continue to be honored.

Anyone know how many lifetime subscription holders there are, and/or as a percentage of total subscribers? Just curious, and happy to have invested early.

Also, they will make software improvements to their hardware before anyone else's. And there might be features only avaible to their hardware. They will definately charge more for more features above their so called 'life-time' software plan.