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Important Changes to how Roon interacts with your Roon Ready devices:

Dear Roon subscriber,

When we first started our Roon Ready certification program, our goal was to provide a way for our customers to know that they were getting the best possible experience with their audio devices. People have come to trust Roon Ready devices to not only sound great, but work seamlessly in their homes with Roon.

In an effort to continue making Roon Ready a reliable, trustworthy signifier of quality, we are implementing some changes to what happens when a Roon Ready device has not completed the certification process.

What is changing?
Starting September 21st, Roon Ready devices that are uncertified will no longer have the ability to be enabled on the Audio Settings screen. When this change is made, uncertified devices will be discoverable, but cannot be Enabled for use with Roon.

Why is it changing?
The Roon Ready certification allows people to trust that they’re getting the best quality possible, but when products are prematurely released before their certification is complete, that trust is undermined. Not only can it create problematic situations for all parties involved, it hurts the reputation of the entire Roon Ready program.

How will this impact me?
  • If your device is Enabled in Roon’s settings, it will stay Enabled. But if you Disable the device, you will not be able to Enable it again after September 21st.
  • If you purchase a device that is not certified as Roon Ready, you will not be able to Enable it for use after September 21st.
What do you need to do?
  • Avoid Disabling the device after September 21st
  • Contact your device’s manufacturer to make sure that they are working to complete their Roon Ready certification.
We do not have a mechanism for grandfathering specific products, so when we flip the switch on September 21st, it flips for everyone at once.

We hope that taking these steps will ensure that Roon Ready continues to be a sign of quality for our customers. While we can’t comment on specific certifications that are in progress, please reach out to us if you have any questions.

If you have any questions, please head over to the Roon Community.

I know of the NAD M10 first hand being Roon Ready - Uncertified and of course my M3 is in the same boat.  
This does make sense for Roon’s QA process but such moves will cause some degree of angst and consternation for users of legacy stuff that isn’t Roon certified. Personally, i’m hopeful that Bricasti comes through and completes the Roon-Certification process for the M3 because the streaming Roon over ethernet solution has been a rock-star for me thus far.
I would be quite sad to have to revert to a USB streamer, but I would since I have grown to love the analog performance of the M3;
It is my understanding that the Ethernet module/digital boards are 100% identical among the M3, M1, and M21 products, the latter two being Roon Certified and not affected by the 9/21 deadline. Not much of a stretch to think the M3 will soon join the party.
It’s unlikely a firmware update will beat the 9/21 deadline, however, and as such according to Roon if the M3 is not removed/disabled it will still function as-is after 9/21. Additionally, this assumes my Roon Rock does not go up in flames and I have to rebuild. I believe rebooting either the DAC or the CORE will not change the audio device’s "enabled" status and any such power events will not suddenly end the party.

I wonder if Aurender folks are smiling a bit brighter with this news, lol, joke, no harm meant.

Cheers folks and enjoy the music!
@dpac996 The M21 is not RoonReady. It works, but does not have the certification.

The only ones that are RoonReady are the M1, M5 and M12.
ah my bad, yes I meant M12 but dyslexia got the bets fo em.
Thanks for the clarification!!

I have seen some devices disappear from Roon after a power or connectivity outage. Will they reappear or be gone forever after the deadline?

 Is there a config backup/restore option in Roon? I’ll have to go check