Roon Endpoint Streamers - Direct Comparisons between Current Offerings?

Have any of you directly compared sound quality between any of the current offerings of streamers when used solely as a Roon endpoint/streamer? This assumes Roon core and any local music file storage is being operated on a separate device (i.e., a separate server).

I have listed several of the current options below and while a few of those offer additional features, such as server capabilities, hosting of local file storage, or operating players unique to their manufacturers (i.e., other than Roon), I am interested in their performance solely as a Roon endpoint/streamer. Other suggestions not listed below are welcome, but please consider a $5K -$10K price range.


  • Sonore Signature Rendu SE optical v3.0 - $5,350
  • Auralic Aries G2.2 - $6,099
  • Innuos Pulsar - $7,999


  • Aurender N200 - $6,300
  • Antipodes K22 - $9,000

Might consider expanding inquiries to include (in the $2k to $5K) :

Bryston BDP-3, $4.5k

PS Audio Airlens, $2k

Moon Mind 2, $2k+


Note:  I use the now discontinued Bryston BDP pi as an endpoint and its been rock solid in that capacity and a big bang for buck solution. ( core on SGC ST i5).

@jbuhl - I appreciate your thoughts but would like to stay focused within the approximately $5-10K (new) price range for clarity when comparing devices.  Also, anything significantly below or above that price range would likely be paired with a whole different level of system components, which would affect the reliability of comparisons.  However, if you or anybody else are aware of sub-$5K streamers that truly compete with those listed then, for sure, discuss them here.  Otherwise, I respectfully suggest you start a new thread for a different price range.  

Otherwise, I respectfully suggest you start a new thread for a different price range.  

No thank you. 

@mitch2 Aurender isn’t Roon ready…not yet at least. Lumin is Roon ready though. 
I don’t have experience with Auralic G2.2 but when I had G1 it sounded better using Lightning DS. Lumin sounds smoother, to my ears, with Roon and I preferred the U1 Mini as a Roon endpoint. 
Aurender N200 with a music library loaded onto Samsung SSD mounted inside the streamer sounds awesome. But no Roon and it isn’t clear if and when it’s coming. 

@audphile1 - Good points.  I thought I heard Aurender was, or was soon to be,  Roon ready.  I unintentionally left Lumin out.  What would be the the appropriate Lumin product (streamer only, $5-10K)?