Roon Endpoint Streamers - Direct Comparisons between Current Offerings?

Have any of you directly compared sound quality between any of the current offerings of streamers when used solely as a Roon endpoint/streamer? This assumes Roon core and any local music file storage is being operated on a separate device (i.e., a separate server).

I have listed several of the current options below and while a few of those offer additional features, such as server capabilities, hosting of local file storage, or operating players unique to their manufacturers (i.e., other than Roon), I am interested in their performance solely as a Roon endpoint/streamer. Other suggestions not listed below are welcome, but please consider a $5K -$10K price range.


  • Sonore Signature Rendu SE optical v3.0 - $5,350
  • Auralic Aries G2.2 - $6,099
  • Innuos Pulsar - $7,999


  • Aurender N200 - $6,300
  • Antipodes K22 - $9,000


+1 Grimm MU1

I think it is worth the money. I have had one in my system for a while. While it is not as good as my Aurrender W20SE nor is its price. I think it a good choice… or an Aurrender N20. Which I have not heard head to head… but I would wager on the N20… but no Roon for the N20.

Isn’t the Grimm MU1 a server/streamer combination? Any sonic advantage to using it in the streamer, or Roon endpoint, capacity only?

I like the Holo Audio Red as a Roon endpoint.  Well engineered with very low jitter.  Why spend $5K to $10K on something that is built to be a streamer with custom software etc. and then just using it as an endpoint?  Put the money you save into another component that will level up your sound in a more significant way.  Just my 2 cents.

The Holo Red looks interesting but not sure what would make it outperform my Metrum Ambre as a Roon endpoint.  The Ambre is a Raspberry Pi device with onboard LPS and Femto clocks.

What I do like about the Red is the option to use it as a streamer/endpoint or as a DDC, but I already have a Singxer SU-6 DDC.

I’m not sure it would since I don’t know the Ambre.   I missed your post about your existing setup.  I have heard the Innuos Pulsar and Auralic Ares G2.2 but not in my system or with the same DAC.  So I don’t know what their relative sonic differences might be. I just think you’re splitting hairs when the technical aspects of streamers are so close.  Good luck with your search.