Roon is snappy responsive now

Applied latest version Roon server for windows and app on IPhone today. So far the annoying slowness in the user interface is no more. It’s very responsive and snappy now. Hope it stays this way.

Immediately prior I received a message from Roon containing an update on the Harmon acquisition and new product direction to focus more on its core user group of music lovers Audiophiles, etc. including focus now on application performance, which is paying immediate dividends. This is a great start so far and I hope they keep it up as promised.


I’ve ran Roon, audirvana, and pure music on Mac’s for over 15 years. I’ve also had 3rd party servers like the Auralic Aries for a couple years. I’ve also tested Roon on an enterprise Linux server. My current setup is using an m1 Mac mini with a very large library and Qobuz with no issues and it’s fast. The only other setup I would run Roon on is a Linux based server probably on a 2012/2014 Mac mini or a server using a ryzen arm processor. The best technology in todays servers is the arm chip, which is an apple m1/m2/m3 or ryzen.

Roon is very flexible in how its sound can be tweaked including applying user defined EQ and/or DSP. DSP is perhaps the feature now that I could least live without. I use the DSP for room correction and canned DSP convolution filters with headphones. These are game changers and big time $$$$$ savers used right or can also easily be a seeming deal breaker if done wrong, which can easily happen given all the options to consider,

I plan to dive right into that as soon as my basic room treatment is sorted. 

Agreed, something has changed for the better.  Previously, I'd be browsing an album and when I returned to my Artists list the top row of Artist icons were blank causing me to restart my Roon Remote every single time.  That's now stopped happening.  It was a minor bug, but it was getting pretty annoying.


My experience is the exact opposite. Each time my phone locks, the roon remote app on my iphone loses connection with roon sever running on a macbook pro. When I reopen the remote app I have to restart it to resume playback control. I'm not sure what's going on but the issue may be isolated to iOS. Roon seems to work fine when I use my second macbook pro as the remote. Minor nuisance and not worth brain damage to open a ticket. 

Just filled out a survey today, they care, we'll see what changes are brought forth:

Shape Roon's Future

Your feedback is important

As we start a new chapter with Harman International, we remain committed to our cause. Roon has been built by and for our community of music lovers and audiophiles, and as we look forward, we intend to continue making great products that serve this community. Now, we need your help. 


We invite you to participate in a 10-minute survey that will directly inform Roon’s roadmap. It's your chance to tell us your story - how Roon fits into your life, where Roon excels, and where we can improve. Your insights are essential as we plan the next steps for Roon within the Harman family.


Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and make your voice heard. We’ve come this far, now it’s time to write our next chapter together