Roon is snappy responsive now

Applied latest version Roon server for windows and app on IPhone today. So far the annoying slowness in the user interface is no more. It’s very responsive and snappy now. Hope it stays this way.

Immediately prior I received a message from Roon containing an update on the Harmon acquisition and new product direction to focus more on its core user group of music lovers Audiophiles, etc. including focus now on application performance, which is paying immediate dividends. This is a great start so far and I hope they keep it up as promised.


Yes I filled out the survey and emphasized improving performance and reliability and making ARC better and more reliable.  Sonic analysis like with Plex would be a nice enhancement. 

I did a couple of things myself recently that also helped Roon performance.

1) disabled some audio devices detected that I didn’t need

2). Ran a clean on my library which cleaned out several thousand legacy items.

Buying a new router won’t improve sound quality unless you are getting dropouts from a weak connection…