roon sound wasn't as good

I'm among a smaller group of audiophiles who have tried roon really hoping to keep it for tis wonderful functionality, but chose not to continue to not use it based on sound quality.   Basically, sound quality via room was different than direct from my Naim streamer using its native (not great functionality) software.  I lose some of the warmth and ambiance and get a harder edged sound  You don't hear this often (though I have read a few others who were also not happy with a perceived sound difference) but I tested several tracks and music types (using tidal in all cases) and the results were consistent  My server for roon was my pc,  the Naim is an ND5 XS2 and is a roon end point.  I am using the Naim built in DAC.  


I have tried Roon on my main system. I can’t say I noticed a sound quality hit, but I wasn’t listening for one. But, while it has greater functionality than my Conductor app. I know how to use the Conductor app and paying for a service that cost as much as my music service (that will go away some day, Roon not the music service) and added complexity, just made little sense to me.

“My server for roon was my pc”

There has been many debates (mostly from IT pro’s aka naysayers, 1’s and 0’s, IP Protocol and blah blah crowd) that running Roon Core on a separate PC, Laptop or NUC won’t matter. They will be here shortly and tell you have been hallucinating. It’s no more a secret that implementation and design of any component that is tasked to stream music near or far on your network matters. 

Roon DSP functionality takes a little time to get the hang of but it’s worth it and opens up all kinds of possibilities for tailoring the sound room by room, device by device all in digital domain. I use it all the time and have presets for 4 different rooms and various headphones.