roon sound wasn't as good

I'm among a smaller group of audiophiles who have tried roon really hoping to keep it for tis wonderful functionality, but chose not to continue to not use it based on sound quality.   Basically, sound quality via room was different than direct from my Naim streamer using its native (not great functionality) software.  I lose some of the warmth and ambiance and get a harder edged sound  You don't hear this often (though I have read a few others who were also not happy with a perceived sound difference) but I tested several tracks and music types (using tidal in all cases) and the results were consistent  My server for roon was my pc,  the Naim is an ND5 XS2 and is a roon end point.  I am using the Naim built in DAC.  


That maybe true , but it does have HQ  player built in ,with that you can Taylor the sound  exact to your system.   Innous has Avery good interface ,sounds better and can use HQ player.

I use Tidal with Audirvāna, exceptional sound quality and easy to understand and play.


Roon can sound great it requires superior programming skills and hardware designed to run roon optimally, our 432evo servers run Roon in an entirely different fashion by maximizing how roon is run by the CPU:.


I don't know about all the technical jargon.  However they managed to implement it, I can certainly confirm that the sound is amazing from the 432evo Aeon. 

properly implemented using a sufficiently powerful and dedicated server, and using proper connections with proper galvanic isolation to the downstream components, i have found that roon does not degrade sound

some companies like innuos et al essentially do this 'optimization' for the customer, and thus can lead the user to believe the sound is 'better'

Thanks all here's a quick summary

1. Special servers might enhance the outcome  These are likely somewhat expensive and will increase the investment into roon by as  much as 1000% (10 times)

2. Other services might sound better like Innuos at I assume a roon like expense

3. DSP equalizing might help dial it in  I have no idea where I'd start though this is on my list (like roon) of things to experiment with and one person mentions some inexpensive ways to go about it  Downside of course is a time consuming task with a learning curve

To me the low hanging fruit here is try other services and see if the sound stays the same as via the native Naim software,  Not too expesnive and too much of a learning curve