Roon vs Audirvāna or other

I am evaluating wbat software program to use with my Lampi Pacific and Lucas Audio Mjusic Server.  I previously had a Lumin X-1 and loved the Lumin App for ease of use.  Which software program provides the best sound and is easy to use?  Please describe your thoughts
I LOVE (repeat, love, love, love) ROON. And repeat. Until you've used it it's hard to explain. The Tidal app is fine (and so is Amazon Music) but Roon takes it to a new level. Imagine Tidal mated with Wikipedia, where artists/albums etc are hyperlinked, with great detailed info, bios etc available, along with discographies. Roon is wonderful.

Audirvana has the best sound I found, and that's on a very modest office system that differences can be heard compared to Jriver.

Audirvana is vey slow to scan network drives for changes, pity the engine can't be used with another server program.

Gave up on Roon now 2 years ago, not supporting bully tactics from software authors. Fixing up metadata and sending the data to Roon where it claims to be metadata master was the last straw. Roon didn't sound all that great and is fickle about network.


Pity the OP doesn't have the X1 any more. Minimserver is a bullet proof server and it's the best server I hear for the U1.

When I used to have my dac connected via USB to my computer I preferred Audirvana's sound to Roon.

But since moving Roon to a separate server and streaming over Ethernet to an UltraRendu endpoint I prefer Roon.

Not to mention I found Audirvana Studio a real disappointment in terms of functionality and ergonomics.