Rose Hifi Network Streamer RS150

Anyone heard this streamer in person? There is a Youtuber (Jay @ NBTS) who reviewed it and was gushing about it. Unfortunately, the review was pretty useless since it neither talks in detail about the sound quality, nor does he attempt to compare it to other streamers in a similar price range -- Aurender, Lumin, Sonore, Simaudio MIND2, etc. 

The presentation, build quality, user interface, and the features look very impressive, but no clue on how it sounds. I also like the DAC chip (AK4499EQ) they're using. This can be a great streamer if you combine 2 channel and movies/TV in the same setup. Of course, the usual caveats regarding reliability, servicing options (in US), and product support apply here as well. I would love to hear from someone who has heard it and is able to compare it to similarly priced streamers.

I had it here.  It was a good sounding unit.  Not be-all, end-all in terms of quality but good.  The UI stands out as exceptional.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the unit was to use.  It is maybe a hair below the units in the $4K to $7K range in terms of sound quality.  Clarity was good but not elite in terms of staging.  As a total package it is worth the price but you can do better in terms of absolute sound quality at the same price with fewer features.  

Full disclosure, I am NOT a hi-fi rose dealer.  

I was not impressed with the price-SQ ratio and have 2 friends that have had warranty issues.

Also, it is Roon. I am of the opinion that Roon is total garbage. But that is my opinion.

Love my Innuos products, (Statement and Zenith). No lights, no screens I have the LED switched off.


The 150b impresses most as a streamer imho. When played through an outboard DAC the SQ increases substantially. But as a streamer it excels (spatial, nice full bodied sound, detailed). The problem I am having with it, is that it has a lot of functions that I do not use, which give the impression that a more focused device could give (even) better sound quality.

Hey 150b owners, will this unit replace my Oppo105? I presently use the 105 and connected SSD to play music. I'd like to use my OLED display to select songs with a remote control, without internet. Does the 150b offer music management?

I purchased a HIFI Rose 150b and for the past two weeks my dealer and I have been trying to log in to their server, and it keeps telling us log in failed. We even contacted MOFI the distributer in US. Today, out of frustration the dealer took the unit to his office. Waiting to hear what he has found out.