Rosso Fiorentino

Anyone own either the Elba 2 or Certaldo 2  speakers from Rosso Fiorentino of Italy....
Your opinions please.....   +++ if you don't have at least 3 months experience with these units 
in your home be sensible an don't leave comments or opinions because it will be basically gibberish.
Thanks, Blotto.....
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Do it!

No, seriously. I have well over a year with my Elba 2s and for the first time in my 2 channel listening life, I have zero FOMO and even less desire to move on or upgrade.

A friend of mine summed up these things better than I could…”They do absolutely nothing wrong and everything right.” And I completely concur. It’s the first speaker I have owned that just disappears into my room. They throw a soundstage that extends well beyond the side walls and create a height that I thought was only available in line arrays.

The reproduction of sound is outstanding. I quite literally listen to everything and they climb into upper registers without sounding harsh or brittle and they dig deep enough that the subs I have in my room have been crossed over at 50hz with a very severe slope. This is because outside of some electronica and pipe organ music, they don’t need any extra help.

I truly hate to sound all gushy over these speakers but I have honestly never been happier with an audio purchase. They are here to stay…at least until I can quadruple the size of my room and move up to the Siena 2s.
Hello again!

If you haven't seen it yet, I'd advise you to check out the other thread linked below.  It should answer some of your questions from those who own them.