Rotel RA-1070 amp, any good?

Hi, I wonder has anybody used Rotel RA-1070 amp(Integrated)? I am anxious to know if it is good sounding and better than NADC370 amp? Your opinion and suggestion is highly appreciated and thanks
Rotel gear is great for the money but then again so is NAD and as Matty mentions Creek, I would suggest auditioning as much as you can and buy what you like. I personally would take the Rotel over the other two choices, due to great experience I had with the company a few years ago. I had a RB-990BX(it was my first amp so this is a stroll down memory lane) and it was simply fantastic for what I spent I don't think I have ever gotten so much enjoyment from a component- but alas I moved up and have gone insane with my gear. That being said when I get around to building a second system I will be using Rotel, it works- in fact it works well and sounds great. If money is an object Rotel is the answer and a mighty good one to boot.
I have the RB-1070 driving my rear speakers, and it works well. I actually need to experiment with it driving the front L/R (Just for fun), but it definitely works well for it's current application.
In response to Tireguy;

So that means that the Rotel was "better" than the higher end gear that is driving you insane!

Isn't that what this is all about; Satisfaction?
I have an RCD-1070 with an RA-1070 powering a pair of JBLs and I've been very happy so far. I chose Rotel over NAD for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is build quality.

I have listened to some NAD stuff, but I have to admit that I was never in a position to A/B Rotel vs. NAD in the same room. Both offer good value, as does Creek, but if your list is down to Rotel or NAD - I would go with Rotel.
I used to have a 1060 to drive B&W N805. C370 is too warm and laid back IMHO.