Rotel RB 1070 from Elite Receiver Big Difference?

I'm planning on a new set of speakers (Posiibly Polk LSi9's) that will require 4 ohm amp. My Pioneer Elite receiver (43tx) only rated for 6ohm or higher. Although the Pioneer sounds good (very neutral--which is its job), I'm thinking of Rotel RB 1070 to drive fronts (then I can upgrade speakers). I hear Rotel sounds a touch warmer than Pioneer? If this is so...that would be perfect. Anyway, I'm hoping the Rotel amp would be an improvement or as good as the Elite amp. Opinions?
I would want an amp rated at least 175-200 watts/ 8 ohm...long term satisfaction is very important IMO. Adding a dedicated amp to the receivers pre outs, takes a lot of the load off of the receivers power supply....this can only be a good thing.

This route also gives you the option of adding a higher quality two channel preamp (hometheater pass-through)... at some point down the road.

I agree with BOB Reynolds...all the budget solid state amps sound "pretty much" the same, as a matter of fact....they sound like their power supply (and more supply is better).

You do not want to bridge a RB-1070 and try to run a 4 ohm load. The bridge on the RB-1070 can only be run in a 8ohm load AND will produce a bit more distortion. Unbridged, the RB-107 can run a 4 ohm load, but wil get warm/hot to the touch so allow plenty of air flow.
I'm really considering the Odyssey Khartago stereo amp. It has the following:

Right price, accepts 4 ohms, high quality, 30 day money back, AND 100% credit for trade-ups. Oh by the way, a 20 year warranty (transferrable to one owner).

At 130 watts X2 (8 ohm), it would be perfect for my current situation. When I move out of the condo, I can upgrade or even power surrounds if I didn't trade in. I think I will try one out