Rowland 201's vs. Model 10

On the used market the Rowland 201's sell for more than the Model 10. Yet the 'new' price of the 201's are less than the 'new' price of the Model 10. Have you compared these two amps? If so, how would you describe their similarites & differences? Which do you prefer, and why?
I owned a 10 for 3 years before going to the 201 two months ago. No regrets getting the 201's. IMO they are better than the 10, specifically in resolution. The 201's, having more power, can control my speakers (Avalon Opus Ceramiques) better resulting in cleaner and tigher lows and smoother and more resolute highs. Soundstage focus is also slightly better with the 201's. Tonally the 10 and 201 are similar so if you like the sound of the 10 then you should be happy with the 201 as well.