Rowland 625

Has anyone got their hands on the new Jeff Rowland 625. I know they've been displayed on shows like Rocky Mountain but I'm keen to have feedbsck how this new amps compare with previous models. I've seen the new website and they've been been advertising on magazine, looks solidly built like all Rowland amps!
I've got Rowland 501's with a pair of PC1 together with the Synergy IIi. My dealer has not got a confirmed date for delivery.
Dtanclim, at the last RMAF a number of people, including myself, preferred M625 with very little break-in over a pair of well broken-in M301 monoblocks. Our own Kawika should receive his new M625 very soon. He might be able to share some impressions before long. Kawika is replacing an M312.

OK. Got it inserted and powered up this morn. We all know we shouldn't dare listen to anything cold and especially if it is totally unbroken in. I did anyway. Ouch. I was worried. I walked away with it running very low volume for 3 hours. When I got back I inserted a Chesky CD and sat down to listen with the Rowland Criterion pushing signal to it being fed from a pair of Esoteric 03 separates. OMG! Who dropped Acid in my coffee? It' was already outperforming my 312 in all but one area. The mids were a bit dark, but still way more information than the 312 ever put out. The slight tin pan tone of the switching/ice power circuits was completely gone. The bass was more evident, more extended and all across the freq range more dynamic. Jeff must have paid strict attention to getting the phase accuracy PERFECT everywhere in this thing. The imaging is spooky. Compared to my 312 the images have more density, are illuminated further back in the soundstage and have a strong 3D illusion to the point of feeling like you can receive information as to what the people, instruments, motion, lips, breathing, chest size name it Like I said, who dropped acid in my coffee. I am writing this as of tonight now with 12 hours’ time after opening the box. BTW, it runs almost hot. I suspect high bias to the output stage. You think? Duh! This amp perplexes me as to how it puts out 300 watts/8 ohm with so much control in such a tight compact package. So, any of you even thinking that this might be just a little better than your 201,501, 312, 301 etc….Don’t kid yourself. It’s not even close! This amp is already, after only 12 hours break- in, 25-30% better than any of these older switching/ice powered class amps. The 925 mono amps are going to rock this world when they arrive early next year.. I can near guarantee they will make product of the year. You watch!
Kawika, I have heard rumors that the bias of M625 changes as the device warms up, and moves more towards class A.... Keep us posted. G.
Well, that was the word I was trying to avoid in case I was wrong. I have had many amps in my life. The ones I admired most were either tube or Class A designs in Solid State. I awoke this morn and swapped Cd music. Now listening to Yellow Jackets. These above average CDs from Yellow Jackets now sound like 24/96 files! Great bass extension and fast dynamics. It’s fast down low without giving up either detail or any warmth (if it was there in the first place). To be very clear, this is NOT a tubey or warm sounding amp. It is absolutely neutral amp with the balls to take a bass signal and accurately amplify it. If your eyes were closed you’d swear there must be a hundred pound amp in the system. It has that sort of command and control over the speakers. The crappy Cds still sound like junk, but I don't find myself running for the CD drawer open button as quickly. I can listen to it for a couple of songs or more if the material is good. The 312 made be cover my ears like fingernails on a chalk board was in the room with this sort of poor CD. Don't get me wrong about the 312. It was and is a great amp, but I always found myself thinking about the minuses while enjoying the strengths of what I was hearing out of the 312. With the 625 there is just total enjoyable bewilderment! Folks, this thing is a total game changer in this price/size/ power category. Nothing I can think of can even begin to touch it. 300 watts of what sounds like class A bliss. A soundstage that is in the top stratosphere of amps I have ever heard anywhere. The dual mono structure inside gives super rock solid staging. You talk about blacker blacks of silence around performers and instruments...Holly Crow!!! Once you hear this, you'll have a very hard time going back to what you have. It's not cheap, but you get more than you can get from any other amp at double this price. Doubt my opinion? Go listen to it. Always listen before you buy. ALWAYS!
Guido, Do you know if the 925's will be on active display at CES? Just curious as to how hot they will run.