Rowland 625

Has anyone got their hands on the new Jeff Rowland 625. I know they've been displayed on shows like Rocky Mountain but I'm keen to have feedbsck how this new amps compare with previous models. I've seen the new website and they've been been advertising on magazine, looks solidly built like all Rowland amps!
I've got Rowland 501's with a pair of PC1 together with the Synergy IIi. My dealer has not got a confirmed date for delivery.
Guido, what do u recommend in terms of a power cord for Rowland amps. I know you had some success with Furutech power cords. I'm using Shunyata Anaconda Helix via an adaptor as my previous amps were 13A, not too sure if this compromises the sound but I'll probably use it for my DAC or transport later when I get a 20A replacement power cord.
Dtanclim, as you know I do not have direct experience with M625 in my own system.... My amp is still the Rowland M312. Furutech and Shunyata CX series worked for me remarkably well on M312 in a manner that I personally deem to be synergistic with JRDG sound. G.
Temperature update. I was running the 625 way up for about an hour and then felt the amp in several places. It was more than uncomfortable hot. She was Class A type hot! Not sure how this will effect the long term reliability or performance, but it sure holds together very well under heavy dynamic swings!
Fair question Husk01... We won't know anything about M925 heat generation/dissipation until the amp is released. G.