Rowland 625

Has anyone got their hands on the new Jeff Rowland 625. I know they've been displayed on shows like Rocky Mountain but I'm keen to have feedbsck how this new amps compare with previous models. I've seen the new website and they've been been advertising on magazine, looks solidly built like all Rowland amps!
I've got Rowland 501's with a pair of PC1 together with the Synergy IIi. My dealer has not got a confirmed date for delivery.
by the way I heard dCS Puccini + Clock, Rowland Criterion + 312 on Magnepan 1,7 ... huge resolution, I have never heard the space where the recording sessions has taken place like this before ... I was shocked ...

I hope the 625 is really that good, I don't like the idea of being able to prepare my eggs & bacon on it for breakfast ;-)
Clavil, by coincidence I did try the on/off procedure on M625 for those very same reasons..... I could not hear anything what so ever from the speakers when I switch M625 to operation and then back to standby. Conversely, I always hear a very faint click from the right speaker when I turn on M312. Kawika is more qualified than I am to report on M625 powerup/down noises.... as he has an M625 at home.

Corus is much closer technologically to Criterion than it is to Capri. Did you see the used Criterion from Europe currently offered on Audiogon? Excellent price!

Clavil, no clicking output to speakers when power switch is cycled on/off/on. Don't worry about the resolution of the 625. It will way outperform the 312!
There was a question re the Corus pre-amp. I have owned the Corus for two months following an upgrade from Synergy IIi.
As compared to the Synergy, the Corus is more transparent, quieter, images more precisely and has deeper cleaner bass.
I really enjoyed the Synergy IIi which was I felt was very musical despite being fairly neutral. In retrospect I think the Synergy emphasized the mid-bass a bit as compared to the Corus which simply goes deeper without undue emphasis anywhere across the frequency range.
One caveat is the long run-in time – 1000+ hours – I was concerned when I initially plugged the Corus in and it sounded a bit “off”. Fortunately Guidocorona impression’s of the Criterion break-in was helpful. Also see search the very helpful JDRG Knowledgebase for “break-in”.
If there is one word the sums up the sound of the Corus to me it is “holographic” – in terms of providing precise 3D images that surprises by revealing the normally hidden music nuances.
BTW, the design of Corus is virtually the same as the Criterion except for the absence of battery power supply (compare internal pictures of the Corus and Criterion). I bought the Corus (without opportunity to audition) because of it’s overall mix of features (dual pre-amp paths),close to state-of-art JDRG preamp design and positive reviews of Criterion (assuming that the Corus is a very similar design). Fortunately the Corus has lived up to expectations.
For what I have read, I'll keep my Model 312, because I don't want to use the 625 to make coffee in the morning, listen to the news in my tuner and drinking coffee before go to work. As usual.
And the sound will not beat the sound of my Model 312/500 watts with dCS Paganini and Criterion. I use Nordost Odin power cord, IC Siltech Empress Crown and for speakers the Stealth Dream V10T.
As Clavil said the 3D is outstunning.

I can buy anything I want, but I'll keep the Model 312.
In my opinion we have the luck to leave in the same time that Jeff Rowland projected the 312.
This device will be legendary in few years.
As Jeff Rowland said, the Model 312 is the joy of my life.
It's true, man.

But I have just one consideration, I mean the Criterion, because Fernando Andreti review the DartZeel preamplifier and wrote wonderfull things about this device, and even said the DartZell beat his top of the line Accuphase and he bought one DartZell.
Let's see