Rowland 8ti or Krell FPB600c

Own Rowland, but looking for upgrade. Any suggestions please.
Only upgrade from a Rowland 8Ti would be to either add a battery pack or go for broke and get the Model 9Ti's. The 9's will add more width and depth to the soundstage, plus a lot more slam! Go for it! I did.
I suggest you put another Cobra or Custom Power Cord Company instead of HT,then replace Transparent cables with Cardas Golden Cross or Golden Reference(Rowland uses Cardas wires,I guess),after that replace your preamp. with Rowland,and only then think about better Rowlands and battery packs.By the way,you didn't tell us what speakers you use.I envy you anyway,Rowlands are so good.Any of them.
If you can get the 8Ti upgraded to the 8Ti/HC, it is worththe upgrade. Not only does it sound better, it has a lot more power and head room. It blows away the Krell, the only thing is that it takes a while to fully burn in. I just recently purchased one after having no sound for a while which drove me buggy, but now that I have one, my goodness it sounds better every day. The new 8Ti/HC has as much power as the original 9Ti and may even sound a little better then the older 9Ti since Jeff Rowland made some enhancements to the new 8Ti/HC. The latest 9Ti/HC now is another ball game since it doubled the transister count and power from the original 9Ti. One day I will get the 9Ti/HC or a new switch mode power supply (SMPS) for the 8Ti/HC if Jeff comes out with one. This new SMPS should add more resolution, and speed as well as added punch to the existing 8Ti/HC, I can't wait!!!. This is an amp you don't want to sell once you mate it with a Coherance Series II preamp which I also just recently purchased. I don't think this combo can be beat.