Rowland PC-1 question: Power cord differences?

With Power Factor Correction (PFC), it seems logical to me that power cord sound signatures becomes irrelevant. However, I have found that the audio world often has its own non-intuitive logic.
So- Is it true that a power cord quality becomes irrelevent with PC-1/PFC, or have users heard audible differences when power cords are changed?

I'll also contact Jeff to see if he will respond with his experiences & thoughts. Most curious...
Talked to Jeff who said that he "doesn't know" if power cords affect sound quality. Not helpful at all. Your experiences with power cords on PFC please?
My power cord better not be on PFC.If I've told it once,I've told it a thousand times to stick to STP...or if in a hurry,LSD.Hope this helps,YMMV,cheers,Bob
I can hear a difference between the 501 factory cord and Cardas Golden Reference. Much the same as I hear without the PC1s.