Rowland PC-1 question: Power cord differences?

With Power Factor Correction (PFC), it seems logical to me that power cord sound signatures becomes irrelevant. However, I have found that the audio world often has its own non-intuitive logic.
So- Is it true that a power cord quality becomes irrelevent with PC-1/PFC, or have users heard audible differences when power cords are changed?

I'll also contact Jeff to see if he will respond with his experiences & thoughts. Most curious...
My power cord better not be on PFC.If I've told it once,I've told it a thousand times to stick to STP...or if in a hurry,LSD.Hope this helps,YMMV,cheers,Bob
I can hear a difference between the 501 factory cord and Cardas Golden Reference. Much the same as I hear without the PC1s.
Thanks usblues, It's interesting to me that power cords still color the internal Power Factor Correction. So much in this hobby is illogical & counter-intuitive. I assumed that PFC would make power cord flavors irrelevant on the Continuum 500.