Not much talk about Rowland. Why is that? For example, Pass is all over the place.
rowland model 501, 201
they are 'class D'(chip amp) mono blocks using 'ice power' technology from jeff rowland.
any big differences from analogue amps like model 7 or 302
in sound quality?
some said no problem but must be difference btw them.
need your words.
Zabiaud, Rowland newest M625 clas a/b amp, as well as ICEpower-based amps in the 300 series like M312, M301, and the older M302 have a special current rectification system based on a technology called active Power Factor Rectification (PFC). This gives them a very significant amount of advantage in overall musical subtlety of the output, compared to M501 and M201. There exists an external PFC-based rectifier by Rowland called PC-1 that can be applied to M501 and M201.... and should bring those amps closer to the performance of the higher end ICEpower based 300 series.

Model 7 is a 25 year old class a/b design..... It is very sweet and has an enormous power reserve, but has neither the transparency nor the musical resolution of newer Rowland amplifiers.

Hope this helps.

I have a 625. Most people can't or don't want to believe how much better this amp is than ANYTHING Jeff has ever built before. Yes the 8 & 9 amps will swing more current, but holly smokes is this thing way way great!With the right cabling and source components.....It is super transparent, quiet and has that elusive quality most solid state amps can't recreate. Images with mass ans precise outlines. His phase correctness must be spot on tho achieve the sort of imaging you hear from this amp. If you have inefficient speakers, you'll want his M725 or also yet to be released, M925 mono amps.I have a Rowland Criterion as my pre-amp.Silent Source cables (except for speaker)
Just returned from RMAF. Rowland M725 were not shown. However, I have learned that M725 will not be bridgeable amps, but will operate as pure monoblocks. The power rating has not been announced.
My 2 cents on JRDG customer kinda sucks. I left many voice mails and emails over the last couple of years. Once I recd a call back. It's a small operation and direct customer support is not Jeff's priority. IF you find a long time retailer, you'll be in good hands because these guys are on the "inside track" into the company. Otherwise, don't hold your breath for support from JRDG.