RoyLCraft custom Technics SP/SL-1600MK2 Turntable

Does anyone have any experience - good or bad - with this ebay offering:
SL-1600 is very troublesome turntable.
Not sure what this means. 
My SL-1600MKII has been working for about 30 years.  I had to replace the belt about 5 years ago, and its still going strong.

“NEW construction! Using your own (sent to me) USED Technics SL-1600MK2 turntable.”
That's why I asked if anyone knows anything about this.  

which belt? it has direct drive tonearm belt?

Tone arm drive belt.

Do you own an SL-1600MKII?  
I've owned a few. Sophisticated and troublesome turntables. Cheap version of SL1200.

the SL-1200mk2 is a dumbed-down derivative of the SL-1600mk2. Technically, the SL-1600mk2 / SL-1700MK2 / SL-1800mk2 are a more sophisticated platform from which the ruggedized SL-1200mk2 is based on. The SL-1600mk2 has a vastly superior double-isolation suspension system, automatic play and automatic tonearm return. The SL-1200mk2 has exactly the same tonearm, motor, platter and drive control, mounted in a rubber base.