rubber O rings on Rega counterweight collars?


Has anyone tried one or two rubber O rings around the Rega counterweight collar (either before the counterweight or after or both)? I have a Rega RP6 with a RB303 tonearm and was thinking of giving this a try before I attempt upgrading the factory Rega counterweight.

Does anyone know white size O ring I would need for the Rega counterweight collar?

Would appreciate feedback if you have tried this or thoughts about if this would be a good dampening upgrade or if it would possibly take the life out of the arm.
On the counterweight instead of the counterweight collar? Interesting. I might try both
#210 black o-rings from Home Depot fit around the counterweight peg perfectly. One before (inner side) sounds great with better soundstage and warmth.
I purchased a counterweight for my VPI JMW 12.5 from Xact Audio Design through Ebay. They specialize in counterweights for a wide range of tonearms including Rega.

The counterweight made a marked improvement in sound resolution through the whole frequency range. If you do not find a counterweight for your specific arm, just email them and they will make one for you. That is how my CW came into being.