Rumors of iTunes Demise

It looks like iTunes is going away before too long. I'm sure no one cares and most tech web sites are cheering. I don't care either.

But I do see it as another step towards individuals not owning music at all. 

A lot of folks don't care about that notion either. 

Kind of ironic that this step comes from the very same company that in 1984 rocked the world with their '1984' commercial about breaking the strings that tie us to the Borg-like mainframe.

Now here we are a few decades later clamoring to be utterly dependent on the mainframe in the sky. 
Ive been reading about the demise of iTunes as well which has nothing to do with apple selling or bringing out new ipods
Huh? The iPod simply can't function without iTunes - with the exception of the old iPod Classic, which can run on other software. So iTunes and the iPod are inherently linked. 
@chazro : Nope. The story is about a rumor. You know, those things that might or might not be true.

I think some people are confusing iTunes with Apple Music. 

Two totally different creatures.
I think some people are confusing iTunes with Apple Music.
Yes, I think that's behind the misunderstanding here. It's a common error.
It was announced today at the WWDC iTunes will be replaced with 3 apps, Apple Music, Apple Podcast and Apple TV. Synching  will be incorporated  into  the new iOS Catalina