Running Benchmark AHB2 in bridged mode and 4 Ohm Speaker

Does running this amp in bridge mode mean each channel will see half the impedance i.e 2 Ohm each when connected to a 4 Ohm speaker.  If so will this cause a problem when the speaker dips to 3 or 2 ohms?. 

Anyone running Benchmark AHB2 in bridged mode with low impedance speakers?. 
OK, so Benchmark amp is not totally immune to the effects of bridging, but I still see them sending out pairs to reviewers so they can use them in bridged mode. So they must have a fairly strong level of confidence in their performance.
Is the raise of Noise floor from -112 dB to -109.2 dB really bad?, Seems like this is quite better than many implementations by wide margin at least 6 to 9 dB below, or did I get this wrong?.
Word has come through that the speaker can only dip to 3.8 Ohm. So given that Benchmark AHB2 is stable till 3 Ohm. 

Now the question I have is that the amp is rated at 18A per channel unbridged. Once bridged what does it put out?. I think there is a way to do the math from above numbers, when I plug it in I get 11A for 4 Ohm number and that does not sound right. 

Can anyone help?.
@georgehifi I cannot bi-amp since Legacy Aeris has the low frequency section already powered.
geek101 OP203 posts11-10-2018 11:56am@georgehifi I cannot bi-amp since Legacy Aeris has the low frequency section already powered.
That a pity, would have been perfect, if the upperbass unit had it's own speaker terminals, and the mid and highs their own.

Anyway I would not bridge the amps to get more watts, for the disadvantages I listed above. I suggest you get bigger amps, good value are the John Curl designed Halo A21+ 300w or the Halo JC5 400w.

Cheers George