Running Benchmark AHB2 in bridged mode and 4 Ohm Speaker

Does running this amp in bridge mode mean each channel will see half the impedance i.e 2 Ohm each when connected to a 4 Ohm speaker.  If so will this cause a problem when the speaker dips to 3 or 2 ohms?. 

Anyone running Benchmark AHB2 in bridged mode with low impedance speakers?. 
Is the raise of Noise floor from -112 dB to -109.2 dB really bad?, Seems like this is quite better than many implementations by wide margin at least 6 to 9 dB below, or did I get this wrong?.
Word has come through that the speaker can only dip to 3.8 Ohm. So given that Benchmark AHB2 is stable till 3 Ohm. 

Now the question I have is that the amp is rated at 18A per channel unbridged. Once bridged what does it put out?. I think there is a way to do the math from above numbers, when I plug it in I get 11A for 4 Ohm number and that does not sound right. 

Can anyone help?.
@georgehifi I cannot bi-amp since Legacy Aeris has the low frequency section already powered.
geek101 OP203 posts11-10-2018 11:56am@georgehifi I cannot bi-amp since Legacy Aeris has the low frequency section already powered.
That a pity, would have been perfect, if the upperbass unit had it's own speaker terminals, and the mid and highs their own.

Anyway I would not bridge the amps to get more watts, for the disadvantages I listed above. I suggest you get bigger amps, good value are the John Curl designed Halo A21+ 300w or the Halo JC5 400w.

Cheers George   
Read my review of them at 

The AHB2 is far superior in Mono mode, no comparison. YMMV 

Work with the power cord on the Legacy Wavelet; it will make a difference. Also, the quality of the XLR cables used for the bass section will likewise make a difference. I have had many experiences with Legacy speakers in such matters (reviews), so you may trust my guidance. I am not interested in debating my recommendations.