Running Benchmark AHB2 in bridged mode and 4 Ohm Speaker

Does running this amp in bridge mode mean each channel will see half the impedance i.e 2 Ohm each when connected to a 4 Ohm speaker.  If so will this cause a problem when the speaker dips to 3 or 2 ohms?. 

Anyone running Benchmark AHB2 in bridged mode with low impedance speakers?. 
From the review: 

"So, what about that comparison of cables between the Benchmark and Clarity sets? I set up the following components and rotated sets of cables between them: Salk Audio StreamPlayer III, DAC3 DX, AHB2 Amp (two in Mono mode), and PureAudioProject Trio15 PAP Horn 1 Speaker. "


"Again, the four components in question were the DAC3 DX, AHB2 Amplifier (2)"  

I think the typical reader would understand that "(2)" meant used in Mono mode, as I had been doing earlier. 

It’s clear that you Benchmark bridging "experts" have no idea what happens to a stereo amp electronically when it’s bridged.

Guarantee whoever spends the bucks and does it here, will be back asking for other alternatives after they lived with their bridged amps.
When they’ve realized it was a backward step from using the same amp non bridged, even though it didn’t have the watts to go loud enough.
And they’ve realized all they gained was watts, and everything else sound quality wise took a hit.

Cheers George
@kijanki My amps manual says the same i.e 29A peak into 1 Ohm. Is this per channel I am assuming?. Most amp state this number per channel if I understand that right.

@kijanki never mind the website does mention 
  • 29 A peak, per channel, both channels driven"
@georgehifi look at the following from Benchmark AHB2 manual page 22.

Signal to Noise Ratio
132 dB A-Weighted, Stereo Mode
135 dB A-Weighted, Bridged Mono

1 kHz, 80 kHz LPF, at full rated output into any rated load 
   < -118 dB (< 0.00013%) - Stereo Mode
   < -118 dB (< 0.00013%) - Mono Mode
1 kHz, 20 kHz LPF, at full rated output into any rated load 
   < -119 dB (< 0.00011%) - Stereo Mode
   < -120 dB (< 0.00010%) - Mono Mode

This only leaves damping factor. 

Any thoughts?.