Russian 6C33C Tube Testing and Matching

I have 10 of these beauties that require testing and matching etc.

Any suggestions on where I can send the tubes for testing and matching for a fee?

I need matched pairs for my Quicksilver Triode 6C33C Mono amps
Try a local guitar/ guitar amp store. Usually those repairmen will have a tube tester. Likewise for radio/TV repairshops in your area. Good Luck.
baaaaaa! Wrong answer. 6C33C take special tester. Doubt you'll find any radio, TV, guitar shop with one. There is a person on this forum who sells them, tested, for $60 a piece IIRC (just do a search in classified section). Perhaps he might be able to test for you. Also, I used to purchase them at, which also tested them. They might help as well.
The only way is to built a special jig for testing them or using an existing amplifier to measure them - it is risky if you do not know of their condition.

The main problem is supplying the needed high filament current (3A at 12,6V) - no usual tester can supply it.