Russian Tube Preamp, No Return, Here I go again

I decided to risk it, Russian, no return. (he accepted my $400. offer, so $500. delivered).

Gives me tubes in my office system.

I just read something:

People don’t want advice, just confirmation

I’m not looking for either (this time), just thought some of you would find it funny and wish me luck.

I’m 72, it may arrive before my 75th birthday
Top trend in Russia this days- ordering assembly kits from China by mail for extremely cheap then just put it together on own knees :)

I thought this would bring a great many laughs,

and was especially waiting for chackster and lewm who did not disappoint: more positive this time as they now know it's pointless to discourage me when I get the bug about something, and I am willing to take risks.

Forget, surprise when arrives, funny thought, actually that happens to me with things that arrive within a week, what is this????


The seller communicates very well.

It is already made, they just need to install the 120v transformer, then out to me. They have a 1 year guarantee. 

"New message from: raketoff (64)

In fact - of course - we provide warranty service and replacement. Only once there was a case when the buyer inserted the tubes into the wrong slots and burned the circuit board. We sent a new board and gave detailed instructions for replacement."

Fortunately, the problem only occurred once - as we thoroughly test the devices before shipping.

"New message from: raketoff (64)

We guarantee a year of support free of charge (included in the price of the product). Of course, if there is no severe mechanical damage :)

If suddenly a breakdown in the second year of work (I hope this does not happen!) - we will also provide support, but if it is necessary to send new boards (for example), we will ask you to pay postage. The minimum (with a small parcel weight) international mail rate is about $ 40 (there are simply no cheaper parcels). But we will decide there, depending on the breakdown (I repeat - I hope it will not be).

Now our devices are working in Singapore, Australia, Brazil, the USA - and of course - in Russia - there were no complaints. But we are ready for support and guarantees."

After I see it, I may buy a 2 year square trade warranty. I would never plan on sending it back to Russia. They send parts, I fix or get it fixed here.

This thread has also brought some very interesting information and opinions, quite a range if you skim other's comments.

It was never about price, I started looking only for a tube phono.
I saw this, almost bought it

But this one popped up, I realized my Reel to Reel would be fun thru tubes, so it turned into tube preamp, phono and 1 input enough. Now, I'll bring my 1958 Fisher 80Z Tube Mono Blocks out of semi-retirement, giving me two systems in mt office. An analog system phono/tape and a SS system for CD/Streaming via my computer to existing SS Carver Cube. That will keep the heat down, reduce tube life most of the time.

I'm looking forward to hearing those Russian Tubes. Curiously they say 'vintage' tubes:  "vintage 6N4P low-noise tubes (you can also use modern analogues 6072WA or 12AY7"

I like wood, like the end panels, they will blend right in with my office bookshelves. And the retro look, and to me, the innards look good. Modern remote volume will be nice as it will not be going thru my Chase Line Controller.


chackster, I wrote the seller about EMS, will share his reply.

Once, while discussing furniture options with a client, CBS Data Center, I told a programmer, who was Asian, this option (the best functional choice) will take 12 weeks. All  the other programmers were horrified, chose the readily available option. He said "that is but a drop of time". I decided I would try to have Oriental Patience from then on.

I've ordered direct from China, Japan, Russia, Canada. I'm patient. When I saw the long delivery date I thought, no way; but like the Blackbird Tonearm, nothing else truly appealed to me.

My Chinese Integrated Amp, A88T is one of my most successful purchases, it sounds fab with zero noise. I bought it used, here in USA so delivery was quick.

My Russian Tonearm got to USA quickly, but sat dormant at USPS JFK airport for weeks, until my local PO contacted them, then right away.

JVC Plinth and TT81 from Canada was fast.

I just ordered cables and connectors direct from China thru Wish, they came sooner than promised, very high quality, amazing prices. 

thanks everyone for your thoughts, I will compare it to my beloved McIntosh mx110z downstairs first, then up to my office. Maybe Bill will get up here to listen with me. I/we will definitely let you know how it sounds.


However real professional audio gear guys does exist in Russia. I saw top notch hand made amps based on 805 power tube (Wavac clones) made and sold there and the price range was around $50K.  Look at this Russian audiophile... he build his house starting with concrete basement as listening room and everything else was built on top of it:))))

“If you want Russian get Lamm from Vladimir.” That’s pretty funny. Lamm from Vlad costs 20X or more than what E is buying. Also, I have looked inside a Lamm phono stage. While they are nicely laid out, and there is nothing unsavory about it, the parts quality is what I would  call good but not mind blowing for the amount of money you are spending. And the chassis’ are nothing to write home about. This is not at all to claim that Lamm phono stages are not excellent in sound quality.. Bling is overrated.