Ryan Speakers

Curious to know if anyone has any experience with these speakers. I've read some pretty favorable things about them latley.
Heard a pair at the Rocky Mountain Audio fest --- I think about a 7-8K pair of speakers. The system was rich sounding, full-bodied, had great tone, was very, very smooth and yet was engaging. That system --- probably 30K total (with electronics) was among the top 5-6 sounding rooms I heard. The average room was probably 80K at least. The Ryan speakers in that system smoked a bunch of 200K systems. It was great in the absolute (like I said 5th or 6th best sounding room) --- and, among the others so ranked, was by far the best value.

So... rather impressed.
The R610 have gotten great reviews in Tone Audio a couple of on line review sites.  They impressed me enough to become a dealer them.  I show the R610 and the R630 and love the performance first approach.  Made in the US by people who listen to music.  Nice concept huh?
Bookshelf pair at Ember AV here in NC, they sound pretty great on a big Octave amp.