Rythmik vs JL vs REL

I am trying to choose between a Rythmik sub, a used e112, or a REL T9 and would love some input from people that have heard them.

My room is 12x13ft, and I am pairing with B&W 704 s2's. I have an anthem str amp so room correction is not a factor for me as it is in the amp.

Thanks for your input!
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I might also consider SVS's new sb-3000. Lots of room correction built into the control app. You can download it for free and check out the settings. I'm currently deciding between the sb-3000 and a rythmik f12.
"...might also consider SVS's new sb-3000"
+yes to considering new SVS SB-3000

I'm also trying to decide between sub brands, and am shopping dual units as upgrade from single REL R-328 which to my listening has sounded great over past 5 years.

But I got this hypothesis that for the results & performance, REL is overpriced relative to other brands.  I'm still considering them in my short list, though:

  • SVS SB-3000 x2 ($1899 total)
  • Rythmik F12 x2 ($1786)
  • Rythmik F12-300 x2 ($1400)
  • REL S/3 x2 (used, $2400 + $100 ship)
  • REL S/3 x1 (used, $1200 + $100 ship) + existing R-328 <= yes it can be done, got very helpful & detailed how-to instructions from John Hunter, REL owner & lead designer
So I don’t need the room correction as the anthem already has it. Also does anyone like Hsu Research subs? For the price I could get 2 of them!
The HSU subs, except their sealed, is really good. The HSU VTF-2 MK5 for instance is the best sub out their at its price range. 
Rythmik and Rythmik are my go to.