sa 777aes as a transport

I am planning to use a musical fidelty tri-vista 24 dac as a transport for my sony to improve my redbook cd play back. Am I on a good road? does the a'gon folks think this will give me the best of both worlds? MF for red book, Sony for SACD. I was just testing the waters to think if anyone has any thoughts.
I would have the superclock 3 and superclock power supply installed in your Sony and forget the DAC. You will realize much improved performance on both redbook and SACD.

Actually, my unit is the xa 777es, and I have purchased hear on A'gon, a Musical Fidelity tri-vista 21 dac. I am going with a digital cable as opposed to an optical. I would still be interested in any thoughts anyone has. Should I look to a seperate transport at the expense of losing the great sacd playback of the sony or am I on the right track.
Sounds like it might work. I have the XA777ES with the superclock 3 upgrade - Sony's DAC is very good - a bit analytical but very good - I think most people that don't like Sony's sound are looking for Euphonic stuff instead of "just the facts". I think the MF tri-vista DAC will be more musical. haven't heard that combo personally -I think you are on the right track.

I go back and forth with my Cary 308T and the Sony's DAC. The Sony's is in another league analytically, but the Cary is in a different league musically (with Mullard tubes).
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