SACD sounds better right???
all of my stuf flooded 4’ 4 days.
i have no money but I am replacing a headphone setup and I feel I must have in CD player SACD because it sounds much better, am I right?????? Help!!
I have an expensive player that does both SACD and Red Book CD well, but while some SACD are good, very little of my music that I like the best is on SACD, so I use the SACD part very seldom. Hope this helps.
SACD solves my two complaints with CD and most other digital formats: 1) it restores the flow to music, and rids that sense of the music sounding chopped up, and 2) it provides the sort of low-end foundation and solidity to the music missing in those other digital formats.  Yes, I have some poorly recorded SACDs, but they still do not commit the two aforementioned faults.

My biggest problem with SACD is the same thing as my biggest disappointment with SACD - the format flopped.  And because of that, very little SACD content exists.  Had the record companies stayed on board, I would have likely triplicated (already vinyl and CD) my library with SACDs.  And oftentimes, what content does exist costs a lot.  Content's enough of a reason not to worry about whether your player supports the format.  If the machine you buy plays SACDs, that's certainly not a negative.  But sadly, it's no longer one of my top priorities in a machine I'd buy
I am a person who has tried a lot of tweaks over the years. Some didn't help or made things worse; and yet most have found a place as a permanent part of my system(s). I have a fair number of SACDs and they sound really good, but not necessarily better than my standard CDs.
I also had a high end analog set-up which blew away early CDs, but newer ones have come a long way and there are a lot of things that can be done to improve these red book CDs and bring them to a very competitive level with high end analog rigs.
Don’t forget there are also those called XRCD which are Supposed to be better than the SACDs