SACD...around $3500?

I never thought this would be so hard....

Looking for new CD player, and I've got just enough Hybrid CDs that it would sure be nice to have SACD.

...have Triode preamp, SS power amp, Maggie 3.6 speakers.

have listened to Cambridge 740 and 840C, Marantz SA11S2 and SA15S2. (SA11S2 would be just about the max I'd like to spend.) I did quite like the SA11S2, with no competitors in that price range, I'd probably end up there....but options are always nice.

I felt that both Marantz units beat both Cambridge units.

any/all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Look into a Cary 306. They can be had for under $3000. Sound every bit as good as the Professional version that sells for lots more.

Very good player!
I'd recommend the Sony XA5400ES or one of the Marantz players. If you've listened to the Marantz and like it I'd start there - although you might consider picking up an SA8003 or used SA8001 and using the change to buy more music. Both of these players sound terrific on my Thiel 3.6/Musical Fidelity A3.2CR setup. Good luck and most of all have fun!

Lexicon Rt20-under $1000. Buy some power conditioning/isolation with your savings.
I have had the 5400 for 2 weeks, I have owned Marantz SA11-S1, S2, NAD M5 most recently. The Sony in my opinion beats all of them, it is more honest in it's representation, the NAD is the closest to the sound of the Sony but the Sony beats in detail and low end responce. The Marantz are great players if you have brighter components since they do add a liile warmth.