SACD player

I really hate to start a thread like this but I've been looking for a new SACD player for a couple of weeks now and am getting nowhere. I can't even settle on a brand.

What I'm looking for is the highest quality SACD player I can get for around 2,000.00. I will use it for 2 channel only. I would just like to hear some unbiased opinions before making my final decision.

My current system is Vandersteen Model 3 speakers, McIntosh MC2200 Amp, Marantz SC-11S1 Preamp. Currently using a Pioneer Elite PD-D6-J and it's starting to have some issues. Would like to replace it before it completely craps out.

I have no problem buying used if it's a quality piece.

Thank you in advance for any constructive replies.
Someone linked the lowest price on the 5400 I've seen here recently - from CDW. In the $900s.

I paid $1500 and it's been a wonderful acquisition.

I run the Marantz SA-KI Pearl SACD player - 2channel only.

Very musical. I think that it would be a nice match to your 11S1 pre.

Used here is about $2K or lower.
I'd check the feedback on CDW before dealing with them - it's as bad as anything I've ever seen: bait + switch, overcharging credit cards, lying about whether something's in stock, etc.
Sony 5400 is a great idea. I compared mine to my brother's Creek Destiny CD (retails at about $2500)(we A/Bd them in his system) and it bettered it handily. I've had mine almost 2 years and it has worked flawlessly.
I have an oppo 83SE and a Sony 5400ES

To play SACD on the Sony you need to set a switch on the back panel to Sacd or CD manually depeding on what type you are playing a minor inconvience.

The Oppo auto selects depending on disc inserted in the player.

I only use the sony for Redbook CD's since I only have 1 Sacd and the Oppo is already connected to my AVR via HDMI