SACD player

I really hate to start a thread like this but I've been looking for a new SACD player for a couple of weeks now and am getting nowhere. I can't even settle on a brand.

What I'm looking for is the highest quality SACD player I can get for around 2,000.00. I will use it for 2 channel only. I would just like to hear some unbiased opinions before making my final decision.

My current system is Vandersteen Model 3 speakers, McIntosh MC2200 Amp, Marantz SC-11S1 Preamp. Currently using a Pioneer Elite PD-D6-J and it's starting to have some issues. Would like to replace it before it completely craps out.

I have no problem buying used if it's a quality piece.

Thank you in advance for any constructive replies.
I don't know if you are too fed up with Pioneer but what about the Pioneer Elite PD D9 Mark II? It is way under your budget and may be an improvement to the D6 you currently own.
My high quality SACD player is now a $6500 un-repairable paper weight. I no longer spend big money on players. I'd get a good DAC and move on. A realy good DAC with Redbook or Hi-rez will be as good or better than SACD IMO.