SACD Recommendations

Just purchased my first SACD, Muddy Waters Folk Singer, and found the audio quality of this disc absolutely incredible. Especially when one consider the original analog recording is nearly 50 years old. I would like to try some more SACDs, what are your top 3 (or more) recommended SACDs from a recording quality perspective?
Peter Gabriel's "UP". Diana Krall's "Girl in the Other Room", are examples of great SACDs, I think. Don't know about CDs sounding "better" but Chayro does have a point. Just because it's called SACD doesn't mean the sound is automatically SUPERior. Ordered a bunch of SACD's from Elusive Disc. They ain't ALL that special. Some just seem on par with a re-mastered CD - and you know the range of opinions about remastering. Good luck.
Look for the SACD of 'The Mission' sound track. There is a cd and dvd, but for great music by and performed by a great composer, there is no better example genius. The Blu-ray should be out soon and it should also be great.
For multi-channel aka surround sound SACDs (which to me sound light years ahead of two channel SACDs), without question number one is Elton John's "Honky Chateau". Also "Toto IV", Bob Dylan "Blood on the Tracks", Allman Bros "Live at the Fillmore East" & "Eat a Peach", Pieces of a Dream "Love's Silhouette" & "No Assembly Required", Fourplay "Energy", Carole King "Tapestry".