SACD remasters- any better than CD version?

I have recently changed from an Ayre CX-7 to the Oppo 105 in my system which is straight forward balanced stereo into an Ayre AX-7 with Proac's 2.5

I have a variety of SACD hybrids and indeed the new and very expensive SACD version of Floyd's Wish You Were Here.

That particular disc is imho not as pleasing sonically as the Gold Mastersound version from years ago...came in the long box...and it is not as good as the last remaster either-smoother yes but lacking in dynamics imho.

The new Mobile Fidelity version of Dylan's Blood On The Tracks is probably the best digital version of that album but the differences between the CD layer and SACD layer are marginal-just different not better.

And that's a theme I hear time and time again...SACD doesn't really seem to bring anything to the party other than a smoothness and I would say that actually sounds a tad dull in most cases.

Indeed I think most interesting on the Oppo through my system is that HDCD's seem to give the best sonic replay-deep sound
stages and loads of detail.

Is it fair to say SACD has not made any of the classic recordings of the rock era sound any better?

Or are there discs I am missing out on?
Actually a pretty complicated question.
You have to account for the analog master tape quality at the time of digitizing, the remastering job, the disc pressing quality, the disc player, and finally personal tastes.

One thing to point out that you may have missed is that the oppo default is for multi channel on SACDs so you could be downmixing it in the player if you have the oppo set to stereo outs. Also if you are using the digital outs of the oppo it downmixes to PCM digital.

I'm pretty experienced with Oppo players, modwright SS 83se and now a modwright tube 105. Overall with the Oppos I have felt that they do a better job with PCM both cd and hi-res than with SACD. My general experience with hybrid sacds on the oppos was that the improvement of the sacd layer was always less than with other players I have had. The trade off was that the improvement with hi-res pcm was more than with other players.

All the 2000's Pink Floyd remasters have been disappointing to me. From what you are saying I'm glad I did not pull the trigger on the WYWH sacd. To my ears the master tapes just did not age well after the 90s cd remasters were put out. The last batch improved some albums over all (saucer) but in general they just sound a little different to me.

I have not dipped into the SHM SACDS, but on my oppo 105 I do consistently enjoy the smoothness and flow I get from jazz and classical sacds over the cd layer. I am really enjoying the Acoustic Sounds sacd of Time Out and the MOFI Miles Davis sacds.

For rock discs on my oppo 105 I seem to have fewer 'this is just plain better' thoughts when I have compared sacd and cd layers. The only ones that I think just sound awesome are the old single layer Police SACD, impact and snap of hi-res pcm and the smooth analogish touch of SACD.

Try out the HD-Tracks hi-res pcm on your oppo, easy to just drag to a usb flash and play.
My Oppo is set up correctly I only use XLR and stereo. HD-Tracks is not available outside of the USA.

A point not picked up on during the debate is my opinion that HDCD discs are probably the best sounding and most consistent format I have heard.
I really enjoy HDCDs on the Oppo and do wish that format had become standard for standard PCM cds. Have you tried any other hi-res PCM? My punch line is just that the Oppo does better on PCM than DSD.

Try googling 2L records test bench for some sample files. 24/96 off a usb flash drive on the Oppo is amazing.
I am afraid you are so right. Not only rolled off but also “colored”. Very disappointing.