SACD vs RBCD players

Which should I buy, a top SACD player ( like the top end Sony ) or a truly outstanding RBCD player like the Cyrus 6 SE? The review from "What Hi Fi?" on the Cyrus player is so good, I wonder if RBCDs sound as good as SACDs?
Chayro, that would be a very big concern for me. While I do want SACD playback, I don't want to sacrifice RBCD playback. If the XA9000es doesn't play RBCDs as well as it plays SACDs, that would give me second thoughts.
Let me put it this way. I've had my XA5400ES for several days now, and it's the best sounding CD player I've had. If you are not interested in SACD, then get XA5400ES as a CD player.
Esmith - I don't know what level of CD playback you are used to. The 9000ES may well satisfy your needs. The CD playback is certainly good. As I said, I hear the XA 5400 CD repro is better than on the 9000, so that may well do it.
The McIntosh MCD500 is a gorgeous sounding SACD/Redbook player. The best I have heard. Add to that the fact you can use the ESS Sabre DACS inside the player for other sources and you have a must buy unit.
The Ayre C-5xe, especially with the new MP upgrade, is excellent with both SACD and RB. In fact, it clearly shows that some well-recorded titles sound better than many SACDs. But the best SACDs played on it are something to treasure.
The C-5xe will also play DVD-Audio discs, some of which are really good, but it struggles with the DVD-A menu.

The Exemplar and APL modded Denon 5910s and 3910s will play all discs except blu-rays and in some ways are better than the non-MP C-5xe.

If you want to stick with just RB, the Ayre C-7xe, especially with the MP upgrade, is phenominal for the money.

Hope this helps.