SACD vs. Vinyl

I've not jumped on the SACD bandwagon. I listen mainly to vinyl via a Marantz TT15 Benz Wood SH MC combo. I've a Sony XA7ES cd player that has served me well over the years, but even it doesn't get enough play to justify moving up to a SACD player.

Since I've yet to convert to SACD over the past decade what have I missed? I should add that I've 8 or so SACD discs that I've played via my Sony BR player that didn't sound much different than standard digital, but granted that playback was observed through my HT only system.

Can someone whose a huge vinyl fan establish a case for SACD as well? I just can't imagine anything getting close to the dynamics one hears on vinyl, for sonically vinyl seems to blow digital playback out of the water.
You have opened a can of worms. I have tried every configuration there is and to me Vinyl Rules. Sure they get close with digital, but it still is not as dynamic as vinyl. You can take a 1000.00 TT set up and 9 out of 10 times it will blow away any 5000.00 digital.
I tried SACD and yes it was good, but not great. Plus I could never find what I wanted on SACD so my library was about like yours.
SACD is a flop, for various reasons (the economy, young people don't care about 'hi-rez' as much as baby boomers, etc.). the good news is that CDs have improved a great deal. stick with what you've got. if you really want to increase your listening pleasure, get a good DAC or even go to a HD-based digital front end.
SACD done well can be very good..... Whether or not it is better than your vinyl rig is up to you..... The enjoyment of the music is the important part not how you derive it ...
I am a big vinyl fan, but have a small library of SACD's. I have a few titles on both vinyl, r2r, cd and SACD. The title best known is Miles/Blue. I would rank each media, best first, as r2r (pre-recorded commerical 7.5 two track), vinyl, sacd, cd. In general, the r2r sound best with the vinyl second.

So, I don't recommend you jump into SACD. Wait until audio blu-ray starts to issue in some classic titles. Miles/Blue is due out shortly. If the mix and resolution is done right, it should be the best media of that title.